Welcome To Lumpology

What is a Lump?

Multicoloured Lumps on a white background.

A Lump looks a bit like a hat. It is comprised of a long oblong with a half-sphere in the middle, on top. A Lump, with a few exceptions, is a single colour. When creating your own Lump, you can choose any colour(excepting light blue, that’s off-limits).

To name your Lump, use whatever series of letters you wish, but make sure the word “lump” features in the name. Some examples of Lump names are: “Lumper,” “BouncyLump,” or “Lumpagreen.”

Though they may sound cute, be warned, Lumps are dangerous and intelligent creatures, with an entire world devoid of humans to explore and be caught up in(although Lumps do like to nibble on feet). Lumps have pets, jobs, weaponry, class systems, countries, monarchies, movies, books, multiple monetary systems, cars, ships, armies and navies and martial arts and magic and hats and histories. Lumps even use a different written language from us(although we use Earthly languages to describe them to you).

So come join the ever-growing army of lumps, and the original(and light blue) “Lump”, and adventure all over the planet of the Lumps, the Lumpterheide Spot.