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Mumbles are the original Lump pet. They are a group of creatures generally spherical in shape(though there are plenty of exceptions). The majority of them live on the Mumble Spot, ruled by the King Mumble, a very kind and very orange ruler. There are numerous different kinds of mumbles, ranging from the classic blue mumble, to the white chocolate chip mumble. They are called mumbles, because, when scared, they will utter a noise that sounds much like “mumble mumble mumble.”

Mumbles are an interesting species for many reasons, not least of which because, though they are considered pets, and are often kept by Lumps, mumbles can converse, have jobs, and even run a kingdom. Some of the most famous actors are mumbles. Any mumble is also free to leave home if their owner is abusing them, or if they feel the urge for an adventure. Some types of mumbles, like brown mumbles, have a specific profession that they are good at(brown mumbles like to make potions), but this is not necessarily true for every individual of that type.

Mumble breeding is confusing. Two mumbles of the same type will result in another mumble of that same type, but two mumbles of different types A collection of mumbles. A rectangluar brown mumble with legs and a smile, a round green mumble with a worried frown, a red mumble with a matching comet tail, a white chocolate chip mumble, a half-red and half- yellow round mumble, a monster mumble, long and thin and green, with wings and large red teeth, a small orange mumble resembling the fruit, and a stripy and spiky round cactus mumble.could result in any natural mumble. Some mumbles aren’t bred at all, but instead are created, generally using brown mumble potions. This often happens when certain everyday objects come into contact with a brown mumble potion. Some created mumbles, when bred together, will result in specified new types of mumbles.

Mumble food, for the most part, is different from Lump food. While mumble food can be different for each type of mumble, generally mumbles like half-and-half berries, swirlybugs, beverages known as pink drink and orange drink, and blue strawberries.

All mumbles are awesome and adorable, and many are available in pet shops all over the LumpterHeide Spot.

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