The LumpterHeide Spot

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The “LumpterHeide Spot”(Pronounced “Lump-tur-hide-ee”) is the name given to the world of the Lumps. It is named after the king of all Lumps, LumpterHeide. The world is also shaped like a Lump, and is about one-third the size of Earth. There are sixteen different “Spots,” or areas, on the surface of the LumpterHeide Spot. Some spots are lush, green lands, some are deserts, and some spots are oceans or, in one case, a gigantic river. All areas of the LumpterHeide Spot are inhabited, some more than others. The world of the lumps, blue oceans, green countries, red and beige deserts. This version is labeled with the names of every Spot.

The top of the LumpterHeide Spot is half desert, half ocean. On the left hemisphere is the “D Hot Spot,” a very large desert. Few live here, as it is a) a desert, and b) terrorized by a massive monster known as the Hornphid. Within the D Hot Spot is the “Hot Spot.” The Hot Spot is an even more deadly desert than the D Hot Spot. Even Lumps require special heat-resistant equipment to enter the Hot Spot, and only one Lump is known to actually reside there. On the top right hemisphere is the “V Spot,” the largest ocean on the LumpterHeide Spot. It is a relatively warm ocean, although parts are known to freeze over on occasion. The V Spot has it’s own massive monster, the Kralump.

On the lower left half of the LumpterHeide Spot, There are two large countries, the “Lump Spot” on the bottom, and the “Red Spot” on top. Between them runs a massive river known as the M spot. This is a lush part of the world, with the Red Spot a more open land, and the Lump spot covered by trees. Stretching into the D Hot Spot is a small strip of green land, forming two countries: the “Second Lump Spot” bordering the(very small) “S Spot” ocean, and the “KI Spot” almost completely surrounded by desert.

The center of the lower hemisphere is mostly ocean, known as the “C Spot,” which spans from the S spot to the islands. The three islands are close together, just in the LumpterHeide Spot’s right hemisphere. The first of these is actually two split halves of an island, collectively known as the “XYZ Spot.” There is a small area of water in between these halves, called the “X Spot.” The next island is the “Mumble Spot,” which is a beachy place inhabited mainly by creatures known as Mumbles. The third island is called “The Bee Spot,” and is, according to it’s ruler,The size of the LumpterHeide Spot as compared to Earth. It is about one third the size of Earth. the greatest place on the LumpterHeide spot.

Past the islands is the “N Spot,” the final ocean before the rightmost land, the “Cannon Spot.” The Cannon Spot is a beautiful green area filled with small farms and rolling hills.

Every Spot is worth visiting, so as a traveling Lump, make sure to stop by any of these areas and explore! Ships regularly pass through every ocean and stop at every country along the way, so transport is easy to find.

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